Roku is one of the most used streaming devices in the continental US. YouTube is one of the most watched content platforms of all times, across the globe. Put these two together, given the fact that YouTube is absolutely free on Roku, this is one of the most delightful entertainment news ever!

If your Roku YouTube not working, please follow these steps for the troubleshooting.

Roku YouTube Not Working

Check the internet connection

If the videos lag, or if there is a latency between the audio and the video, please check if the internet connection is stable. This might be the reason why Roku YouTube not working. To check this, please try accessing YouTube in some other device connected to the same internet service provider. IF the issues continue in that device as well, there are higher chances that the internet connection is the bottleneck. If not, there might be issues with the application or with the Roku device. Just to make sure, forget and reconnect your WiFi from your Roku device.

Check if the account signed in is marked remember me!

If the YouTube account that you’ve logged in from keeps signing out and your Roku YouTube not working, this might be because the “Remember me” button below the sign in button is left unchecked. Please remember that Google remembers these login credentials if you check the box, so please make sure to uncheck the box if you are using the hostel or dorm network.

If you don’t have a Google account yet, please make sure to create one. If you’ve enabled TFA, the Two Factor Authentication in Google accounts, then you will have to authorize this sign in with an OTP or thumb impression according to your choice.

Roku YouTube not working because of app version error

If your YouTube application has not updated itself in a long time, there are chances that the application has run out of date and needs to be updated. To do this, please go to your Roku channel store. It is recommended to keep the auto updates on, to avoid application related errors.

If the Roku YouTube application is still not working, please uninstall and remove the application completely. Restart the Roku device to clear cache and then reinstall the application. This will not only make sure that the latest version of the app is installed, but also that the application will be reset to factory settings, so it functions at its best.

If the TV resolutions are lower than the chosen definition of the video, there might be a latency in the video and audio playback.

Reset the entire connection

As the last resort, you can try and reset the entire connection. If you are connected to the internet via a wireless device, please forget the connection in addition to just disconnecting from the connection. The next step would be to disconnect the Roku device from the TV. After this, disconnect each other these devices from their power sources, and wait for a couple of minutes. After letting them be, please set up the connection again. This might clear cache and reset your device settings, so the channel should run at the default settings without any trouble.

If the Roku YouTube not working, then please let us know. We will take a closer look at the problem and suggest the best troubleshoot option! We will even walk you through the troubleshooting options! Visit for more updates. Our toll-free number is +1-805-243-0150, and you can call us 24*7.

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