Roku OS 9.3 Paving Exciting Ways To Discover Pleasure Swiftly

Yes! There are ultimate and exciting offers from Roku to its valuable customers. It has various exciting options that can start rolling out to Roku devices later. Most importantly, the no cost automatic software can update goals on assisting you to get to content easily using Roku Voice enhancements, and it also includes new customization options that increase the overall performances specially for the older Roku models and more.

As they expand to the Roku ecosystem, Roku is delivering secure product performance that allows you to get the content you wish easily, and lets you browse in new ways and can handle your experience with a laser aim on entertainment. In this blog, we present you with the upcoming new features to your Roku models for both older and newer model that make your work easy and quick access to your entertainment.

Roku OS 9.3 Update

Roku OS 9.3 Update

Here Are The Exciting Features Adding On To Your Roku Devices!

First And Foremost Can Be Find And Discovery

Below is the list of new features that is available on specific Roku devices:

Spanish Language Voice Support:

  • At first, you can talk commands in Spanish to access channels, looking for titles, or to get a specific genre
  • Moreover, you can perform control media play back on your Roku models

Visual Search Output:

  • The Roku Voice search output results are now available in a visual and quick to surf display with categorized rows
  • Secondly, these categorized rows can include, relevant movies, shows, short form pleasure and easy find through for entertainment
  • Similarly, the search results can be unbiased and chosen content will present you with a list of channels that features that title, sorted by cost

Helps with News Related Commands:

  • You can make use of the voice commands like “ show me the News” and this will lead you to the Roku Zone that contains the news channels
  • On the other hand. “play the news” will access a live stream of ABC News on The Roku channel
  • Moreover, “Play the news on” enables you to get the named news channel and remember that preference for further commands 

Playback From Surfing:

  • This is one interesting feature that is newly added on the Roku device that is playback from surfing
  • More than 50+ channels support directly from playback from browsing while using the Roku voice by directly playing the show or movie, rather than showing search results

Roku Mobile App:

  • Firstly, you can download the Roku mobile app on your Android or iOS devices and efficiently perform several actions
  • Further, this free app feature is a new navigation bar at the top of the mobile screen once linked to a Roku device
  • Secondly, it offers access for the Roku search, a new icon that enables easily to switch between the Roku devices that you wish to control using the mobile app
  • It also has a shortcut to the Roku remote home screen
  • Thirdly, the new feature can include swift access icons, letting you get useful mobile app features
  • Similarly, in this case, you need to close the remote screen consisting of the ability to surf and or access your newly viewed channels directly from the remote screen and more

What Are The New Updates In Roku OS 9.3?

Following are the new updates that are available on Roku OS 9.3:


  • Customization, it consists of Home Screen Wallpapers as well as screen savers are now available from a single Theme menu item on settings
  • Similarly, Theme packs include Wallpaper and screen saver that offers new ways to customize the experience for a consistent look and feel while using the Roku devices

The second update would be PERFORMANCE

  • Firstly, a reduction in device boot time, quicker access times for a chosen number of channels
  • Also consisting of the more responsive Home screen and swifter navigation while making use of the features like Featured Free
  • In simple words, the Roku device performance will be faster once after the update
  • Now waiting for the screen to respond and it can take only a little time to access channels and also its downloading process

What is Roku Audio?

The enhanced Roku Smart Soundbar and Roku TV connection:

  • Firstly, you can access a lot of sound bar settings straight from the TV interface eliminating the requirement to return between Menus or make use of numerous remotes that enables Roku TV ready features.
  • After that, the Roku TV settings menu, can pair an eternal device like Android or iOS to the Roku Soundbar for audio playback using Bluetooth or pairing the Roku audio devices to the sound bar like Roku wireless Subwoofer and Roku TV wireless speakers for complete surround sound.

What is Roku Smart Soundbar?

  • The Roku Smart Soundbar is the simplest way to install premium sound and impact streaming to any TV of yours.
  • Moreover, you can stream excellent HD, 4K, and HDR entertainment that fills your room with sound with a neat, clear, crisp, dynamic sound base.
  • It is capable of the stereo speaker that adds all of the capabilities of a 4K Roku media streamer to the mix


  • Finally, Roku OS 9.3 will start to roll out to choose Roku Players from the upcoming months, and
  • It can be expected to come out to all supported streaming players, which includes Roku Smart Soundbar in the coming weeks.
  • Moreover, the Roku TV models can have the update in phases over the coming months.
  • This can work with any TV with an HDMI port and can boost the volume of voices with clarity

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