Resolve Roku Not Connected to Wi-fi Issue

When the Roku streaming player is set up for streaming, you must link this device to the home wireless network in the same way you link the computer or the mobile device. To do this, at first, you have to choose the wireless network name and provide the password. In performing so, the wireless connection is seen from your Roku device to your home access point or the wireless router. The wireless router will then permit the internet via a broadband service provider by your internet provider or ISP. This is how the Roku connects to the network and works on it

In case if the Roku device is not able to link to your home wireless network or to get access to the internet via the wireless router, you will not be able to install the device. Moreover, the network or the internet connection will be lost after the device is completely setup. Similarly, cannot download the channel, activate it and access it for streaming purpose, as this may require the network connection and you can also experience interruptions at the time of streaming, and you might face the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error.

Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network

Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network

In here, we provide you with detailed and step by step guidelines to get the network connection and solve the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error to enjoy the experience of streaming.

Why Does This Roku Connected to Wi-Fi But Not Working Happens?

The two reasons for Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error:

  • At first, this can happen when you have provided with an incorrect password for your network
  • Or else this can happen in case if there are some server issues and these are the main reasons for Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network 

Why Do I See Unable to Connect to the Internet or Roku Not Connected to Wi-Fi Network?

  • When you get this message Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network, at first, you have to verify the home network is performing properly or not
  • Moreover, when you need to set up the Roku player, you have to link the Roku player to the wireless network of your home
  • After that, choose the Wi-Fi Network name and link to it with the correct password
  • Similarly, make sure to disconnect access to other devices like mobile phones, computers, etc
  • If the above steps are not done properly, you may get the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error

How Shall I Fix Roku Not Linking To The Wireless Network or The Internet?

Below we have providing with solutions to fix the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error:

  • At first, you can see the wireless connection screen as you are trying to link your Roku device to the wireless connection
  • Secondly, after providing the key for your wireless network, you will get the message on the TV screen, ‘Your Roku device connected successfully with the internet.
  • Or else if the connection is improper, you can get Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Networkerror
  • To solve this, firstly start to verify the internet connection

How to Check the Internet Connection of Your Network?

Proceed with the following steps to check for the network connection on your Roku device:

  • Firstly, to check for the network connection on your Roku device, you need to reach the Roku settings menu
  • For that, scroll to the settings option and then choose Network
  • After that, you have to choose the Check connection option
  • Moreover, this will begin the two step verification process
  • The first part can check whether you are using a good and strong wireless network
  • And check for any other devices are holding to this network access
  • Similarly, you can still get this Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error
  • This can also provide you with certain guidelines to solve this error

How to Fix Roku Not Connected to Wi-Fi Network?

You can follow the instructions to solve the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network error: 

  • Firstly, you have to provide the correct name of the wireless network, in case if it is wrong, it will not connect to the network
  • After that, make sure to enter the proper password for your wireless network
  • At sometimes this Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network can also occur if the password or key is wrong
  • And this will not allow the Roku device to establish the connection
  • Secondly, verify if the wireless router is performing well and check for its connection by linking it to your computer, Smartphone or any other gadgets that will require a wireless connection
  • Most importantly, you need to increase the wireless signal strength
  • Make sure to place the wireless router next to the Roku streaming device
  • Take off any obstacles that are between the router and the Roku streaming device
  • Finally, reset the Roku streaming player to solve the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network issue

How to Reset the Roku Streaming Player?

At times, resetting the Roku streaming player can fix the Roku not connected to the Wi-Fi Network issue.

Perform the following steps to reset the Roku streaming player and solve the Roku not connected to Wi-Fi Network problem 

  • Firstly, to reset the Roku streaming player, hold the Home key on the Roku remote
  • After that, reach the Advanced settings option
  • Do this by visiting, settings and choose Advanced System settings
  • Secondly, you must scroll to the left and choose Factory option from the Advanced Settings
  • Moreover, choose it and press the OK button
  • Now the Roku device will prompt to provide the four digit code in the text box
  • Make sure to enter the four digit code on the Roku screen and press OK
  • Next, wait till the Factory reset process is complete
  • Finally, after completing the reset process, you can restart the Roku streaming device and set it up again

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