A non-profit broadcasting service pbs.org/activate is available on the Roku device and in the United States provides content particularly for public television channels. It contains several children’s shows and many award-winning dramas and documentaries. Some of the most well-remembered ones are Sesame Street, Frontline, The Antique Roadshow, The Great British Baking Show, Mister Roger’s neighborhood and much more. The iconic live music series Austin City Limits was hosted by PBS as well.

Pbs.org/activate Roku Player



  • You will find the PBS app in the Roku’s channel store – click on it to open
  • The next screen with a message Activate Your Roku appears and with an activation code below it
  • An Activate Later button is also available for those who do not wish to activate the app just yet
  • When you go to pbs.org/activate on your computer and enter this code, the screen automatically refreshes itself
  • Use a Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser to enter the URL into the address bar
  • Thereafter, proceed to the next step by tapping or clicking on Continue

Signing in to pbs.org/activate

  • The PBS App requires users to sign in to their accounts
  • Either use your Google credentials or Facebook account credentials to sign in
  • At the Activate PBS Video screen, you can either click on:
      • Sign in With Email
      • Log in with Facebook
      • Sign in with Google+
      • Don’t have an account? Create one here.
  • You can click on the last option when you don’t have an account with PBS

PBS Account Creation

  • With a PBS account, users can sign in to the video app or into any of the PBS sites to perform the pbs.org/activate
  • If you wish to avail of Passport benefits, then you still must possess a PBS account
  • Access your profile and get several features such as Favorite Shows, Watchlist, Watch History and much more
  • Go to the account creation page first then at the empty boxes enter your name
  • In the following box, enter a valid email address and then enter it again to verify it
  • Passwords must be strong, must contain at least 8 characters and must be a combination of numerals and alphabets
  • You can also click on Show Password if you wish to visualize what you are entering
  • Click on the Register button to complete account creation
  • To stay signed continuously check the box against the Keep Me Signed In command

PBS Activation Code Expired

  • To perform pbs.org/activate, you require an activation code
  • Even before that, you must ensure that your Roku device is activated
  • If you have any doubts about your PBS Channel activation, then simply click on the channel and see if you are able to launch it
  • In the event where activation is incomplete, the Roku device will automatically issue a message along with the activation code so that you can perform pbs.org/activate process once again

PBS Passport

  • Get extended access to PBS’s on-demand library with the help of pbs.org/passport, which is a benefit that is provided to eligible donors who have subscribed to PBS Stations
  • Here, you will also find several popular programming as well as some signature series
  • There is some acclaimed content as well such as documentaries, history, lifestyle programming and much more
  • Those who qualify for Passport membership can reap its advantages

Pbs.org/activate Passport

  • To activate Passport on the Roku, first, Open PBS -> Click Settings -> select Deactivate Device -> Confirm Deactivate Device
  • Thereafter, click on Activate -> New screen with instructions + activation code
  • Go to pbs.org/activate to enter the code

Roku Activation Code Problems

Link Code Errors

  • Once you see the activation code on the screen, make a note and enter it on pbs.org/activate
  • If it does not get activated the first time around, then try entering the code once again
  • This step is to generally eliminate typo errors
  • You can also ask for a new code by pressing Star -> Get a new code
  • When you see the new link code, enter it on the Roku website

Screen is Stuck

  • The activation process does take a little while to complete – it is advised that users wait for a few minutes before concluding that the screen is stuck
  • If you think the linking process is not moving forward, then first retrace the steps that you used to activate the device
  • Network non-connectivity is indicated by the Roku error code 001 or a message stating Not Connected is visualized
  • For this, from the present screen click on the Try Again option

Learn how to perform the pbs.org/activate process from our experts. Call them at +1-805-243-0150 or visit Go.roku.com/hdcp.

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