How To Mirror iPhone to Roku?

To cast the iPhone to Roku there are many steps and applications. Read this blog and get the information about how To Mirror iPhone to Roku Without Wifi?

How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi

How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi

Requirements for casting cast the iPhone to Roku

  • Roku receiver
  • Roku app on your iPhone

Steps to cast the iPhone to Roku

  • Connect the Roku receiver and the iPhone to the same wireless connection
  • Ensure on the Roku settings that you have connected to the same wireless network
  • On the home page enter to the settings option
  • Select the screen mirroring app from the system option
  • Make sure that the checkmark is on the screen which indicates the screen mirroring is allowed
  • Download the Roku app on your iPhone
  • Once the application download is over, agree to the license and start to proceed with the steps
  • Open the application and search for the Roku receiver
  • Wait until the Roku app finds the receiver
  • After finding the receiver you will get the access to mirror the Roku to your iPhone
  • If you could find the screen, then check that the screen display is turned off

How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi?

Method 1

  • To cast the iPhone to Roku you can install the Apple tv app and start mirroring
  • Enter to the control center on the ios device
  • Tap the airplay mirroring button to mirror from the ios
  • Wait until your Roku tv is shown on the list
  • Choose your Roku receiver and enjoy the casting to iPhone with Roku

Method 2

  • You can also enjoy the mirroring iPhone to Roku by installing the air beam app on the Roku
  • To install it first enter the Roku account by signing in using the user id and the password
  • After the sign-in, enter to the Roku channel store
  • Download and install the air beam application
  • After the installation, open the mirroring app on the Roku
  • Select the tap mirroring option
  • Then proceed with the mirror for Roku option and select the start broadcast option
  • By this process, you can start the mirroring of the Roku with the iPhone

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