How many Roku Devices you can Connect to a Single Roku Account?

Roku, a streaming device that changed the way how people view entertainment, can easily make its way to the list of revolutionary products of the decade. The product line up is vast and is thus right to say that there is a product for everyone. New variants are being lined up frequently, but the beauty lies in the shear performance of the device. No matter how many products bloom, your old Roku device still holds its ends when compared to the new arrivals. Explore this blog to know if you need a separate Roku account for every Roku device you own.

How Many Roku Devices Can I Connect To A Single Roku Account

How Many Roku Devices Can I Connect To A Single Roku Account

Let’s Address the Most Obvious Question First – How to Create a Roku Account?

You need a Roku account associated with your Roku device to access the countless entertainment that is available on the platform. You can create a Roku account in a matter of seconds; follow the instructions below to proceed with creating a Roku account.

You can create a Roku account by directly navigating to the website, or you can create a Roku account after activating your Roku device.

Using the Website

  • Fire up your laptop or smartphone and visit
  • This link is your direct pathway to create a Roku account and is the simplest method.
  • Once you are on this website, you will see a lot of empty fields that you have to fill up.
  • These include your basic information like your first name, last name, email address, password, etc.
  • After you enter all these necessary details, you can move to the next page where you can set a PIN for your Roku account.

There are 3 Scenarios Under Which you can Create a PIN

  1. No need of PIN
  2. PIN need for authorizing purchases
  3. PIN for every time you access the Roku account

You can choose the option you want accordingly.

  • Though it is not mandatory to set a Roku PIN, we recommend you to create a Roku PIN for at least to authorize the purchases.
  • After you create the Roku PIN, you have to proceed with the setting up of your payment method.
  • You have two available options under the payment method – credit card and PayPal.
  • You can choose the option that is most comfortable for you. After you choose your desired payment method, fill in all the necessary details regarding the payment option.
  • Once you enter the details, proceed with the next step where you have to choose the channels you want to add on your device.
  • Once you add the channels, authorize the transaction to complete the purchase.
  • Eventually, you will see the channels loading up on your Roku device.
  • From here, you can stream the content you want.

While Activating the Roku Device

  • You can activate the Roku device using the Roku activation code.
  • After you enter the Roku activation code on the website, you will have to create a Roku account.
  • Choose sign in to enter into your existing account and sign up to create a new Roku account.
  • From here, it is the same exact process as mentioned above.

So How Many Accounts Can I Use in a Single Roku Device?

You can use multiple Roku accounts in your Roku device, well, sort of. You can access only a single account at a time. The point of having multiple accounts in a single Roku device kind of contradicts the reason you’ve got a Roku in the first place. But there can be some situations where you may need a second account just in case. So the answer on paper is, “Yes, you can have multiple accounts in the same device.”

Okay…How Many Devices can I Connect Using a Single Roku Account?

There are no restraints to the number of devices you want in a single Roku account. There are no particular limitations on the number of devices linked to a Roku account, but all the answers narrow down to “Yes, you can connect as many devices you want using a single Roku account.

If you are going to connect more than one device to a Roku account, you may have to remember the following steps.

  • You will have to activate the channels separately on each of your Roku devices.
  • You can create as many Roku accounts you want; there is no charge for creating a Roku account.
  • Removing of the channel on either of the devices will delete the channel on your other device too.

These are some of the few points that you have to remember before linking a second device to your Roku account.

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