What’s on Popcornflix Roku

You can watch a wide array of free content on Popcornflix Roku without having to pay any penny. Have a great time without having to pay for entertainment. You can easily activate the Popcornflix channel on your Roku device and start the streaming. Popcornflix offers you an interesting and intriguing selection of movies and TV shows that you won’t find anywhere else. Other than the Popcornflix channel there is a distinct Popcornflix channel for kids and comedy. So get your popcorn ready and stream the Popcornflix Roku and enjoy great entertainment.

Let’s take a quick look at the content available on each of the Popcornflix channels before going into the activation process


Popcornflix Roku

Popcornflix Roku

  • The Popcornflix channel has an amazing and solid collection of movies and TV shows
  • There is no charge and also no registration is necessary
  • Furthermore, the Popcornflix Roku offers you movies and TV shows in various genres
  • The content on the Popcornflix channel is thoroughly organized so you can easily find what you are looking for
  • Furthermore, you can search for a movie or TV show using the voice search option
  • What’s more interesting is that the content is not just limited to movies and TV shows
  • Popcornflix also features a separate category for viral videos
  • Besides, the videos are also classified into different categories that you can choose from
  • On top of that, there is a separate category dedicated to Spanish movies
  • Popcornflix Roku keeps adding new videos every day
  • However, some ads pop up from time to time during your stream
  • If you wish, you can watch ad-less movies and TV shows for a cheap price
  • You can rent many of the videos for $0.99 each for an ad-less streaming
  • To rent the videos you must use your Roku account

Categories on the Popcornflix Roku

There are typical as well as unusual categories that you can choose from in the Popcornflix channel

  • Recommended Movies
  • New Arrivals
  • Popcornflix Originals
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Shout! Factory TV
  • Date Night
  • Old School Cool
  • Asian Fiction

There are many more categories on the Popcornflix Roku that you can browse and pick movies from

Furthermore, there are even different and unique categories such as Nostalgia TV, The Pet Collective, People are Awesome, etc. for the TV shows and viral videos

Popcornflix Kids

  • Let your kids explore the realms of fantasy and fiction with Popcornflix Kids channel
  • You can add the Popcornflix Kids channel to your Roku device for a never-ending entertainment for your kids
  • There are more than 300 movies and TV shows currently streaming on the channel
  • Furthermore, they are classified into cool categories for your kids to enjoy
  • However, this channel also has brief ads from time to time

Popcornflix Comedy

  • The Popcornflix Comedy channel features only comedy movies and TV shows
  • Laugh till your belly burst and have a mirthful and hilarious time with this channel
  • This channel is the perfect stress buster after a tiring day of work
  • The Popcornflix Comedy channel features movies and TV shows for kids as well as adults
  • There are small ads that pop up once in a while but it is worth the wait
  • Furthermore, the Popcornflix Roku channel also has a diverse amount of categories

Categories on the Popcornflix Comedy

You can find a refreshing amount of categories available on this channel

  • Mystery Science Theater
  • Popcornflix Originals
  • Dramedy
  • Satire
  • Late Night Comedy
  • Dark Comedy
  • Sports Comedy
  • Teen Comedy

Activate Popcornflix Roku

You can easily activate any of the Popcornflix channels on your Roku device by following the steps given below

  • Switch on your Roku device to begin the Popcornflix Roku activation process
  • Using the search field, search for the Popcornflix channel
  • You will find the Popcornflix channel under the ‘Movies & TV’ category
  • Furthermore, go to the ‘Comedy’ category to search the Popcornflix Comedy channel
  • Then, you can find the Popcornflix Kids channel under the category ‘Family & Kids’
  • Thereafter, open the channel of your choice and select the ‘Add channel’ option
  • Wait a few moments for the Popcornflix channel to install on your device
  • Finally, open the channel and have access to free entertainment

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