How to solve Go.roku.com/hdcp Error? – Error code 020

Roku is a fairly easy device to set up. The entire process of setting up, from unboxing to channel streaming, will not take you more than fifteen minutes! But, there are a few error codes in Roku that you will have to troubleshoot to keep enjoying the Roku experience. One of the very recent, frequent error codes that we keep getting questions about, is the go.roku.com/hdcp error code.

To be able to stream in higher resolutions, you will need every device to be connected to the Roku to be compatible with the resolution Roku does allow.

How will I know if it’s a go.roku.com/hdcp error code?

You will have a purple screen, that says you don’t have the means to stream the content. The exact error message would be “HDCP error detected”. HDCP is the High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection, and it makes your HD streaming secure, and finer.

The error probably means that one of your TV, your HDMI cable and/or your AVR does not support the resolution of the content that you are trying to stream. If you are sure about the configurations of your TV, and you know for a fact that it supports 4K HDR, and still there is an HDCP unauthorized Roku error, you will have to look into a few options.

What all can you do to troubleshoot the HDCP error?

If there are no limitations on the resolutional ability of your Audio Video Recorder, or your TV, there might be an issue with the Roku HDMI cable. Please connect your device with another HDMI cable to check if the problem is actually due to the HDMI cable.

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If you can access the content with the alternative HDMI cable, then please ask for a new Roku High-Speed HDMI cable. Roku themselves advise their users to buy parts only from their authentic stores.


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If the wire is alright, please do try disconnecting the wire from both the TV and the Roku device for 15 seconds, and then re-establish the connection. This should solve the go.roku.com/hdcp!


How to reconnect the HDMI cable?

  1. Please disconnect one end of the cable from the TV HDMI port.
  2. Then proceed to remove the HDMI cable from the Roku device.
  3. To give time for the device to recuperate, please wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Now try connecting the device to the TV again.
  5. This should’ve solved the go.roku.com/hdcp issue, but if you keep experiencing the same error always, you can always call and let us know.

hdcp unauthorized content disabled roku

While reconnecting the Roku device to your TV, please make sure to reconnect to your other devices connected to Roku as well.  As far as the TV is concerned, not all TVs that support HDR have HDR on by default. So, please go to your TV’s display settings and enable HDR. After you do that, please check if you’re still getting the go.roku.com/hdcp error.

First time seeing the Roku HDCP unauthorized error?

If this is the first time this error is being displayed on your TV screen, there is a higher chance that one of the device that is connected with the Roku device, be it the TV, or the AVR device or even the HDMI cable that’s used to connect the TV and the Roku device is not compatible with the HDR resolutions.

If they are, the settings have to be revisited and set to HDR ones. For instance, a lot of TVs do not enable these by default. You will have to manually allow these devices to stream in HDR. If you are not sure about the TVs resolution, please try connecting Roku to another TV and check if the TV experience the same trouble as well. If not, then the TV that you are using is probably unresponsive to HDR content. If none of this works, please disconnect everything, and redo the Roku set up and enjoy the HDR content free from the go.roku.com/hdcp error message.

How to set up Roku?

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Unbox your Roku and connect the device to your TV with the fast HDMI cable. You can connect the device directly to the TV if you own a Roku Streaming Stick. Just make sure to connect the devices directly to the TV, and not to use any extensions. After this, switch on the TV, and sign in to your Roku account.


How to find channels with an HDR resolution?

Finding channels that offer full 4K and HDR connection might be a challenge for other streaming devices. But for Roku, there are a lot of channels that are free, and support HDR or 4K. Please make sure to connect to one of these channels. While doing so, please check if the channel throws a go.roku.com/hdcp error. If so, please uninstall the channel and install it again.

This will help you fix the HDCP error Roku. We believe you will have to eventually upgrade to HDCP 2, to be compatible with the HDMI 2.0, so please do that as well. If the issue still persist, please try changing the HDMI cable, and check if the channel works that way.

HDCP error Roku

Questions about the HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku error?

If you have more questions about the HDR error or any other Roku error code, please ask us, and we’ll help you. If you need help setting up a Roku account, or downloading and installing channels, or even activating them, please let us know and we’ll walk you through the solutions for your problems.


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